Greek Life Gets a Face Lift

Sororities at Montclair State are trying something new for recruitment this year.

Sisterhood at Montclair State University is growing as the four sororities in the National Panhellenic Conference on campus up the ante at this year’s spring recruitment. Sigma Sigma Sigma, Phi Sigma Sigma, Sigma Delta Tau, and Delta Phi Epsilon hosted a formal recruitment for their organizations from February 17-20 in the first floor of University Hall, starting at 9:00pm each night. Sororities have been around for over a century, but with a turn out of nearly 250 hopefuls (potential new members), Greek Life seems to be as popular as ever. This is the first year the Montclair’s NPC sororities have held a formal recruitment in the spring, partially due to the University’s new rules regarding first semester freshmen not being allowed to join Greek Organizations because of the Student Government Association’s GPA requirement. This Spring’s formal recruitment was successful for all, with each organization getting more than enough new members.

Last semester, the University suspended recruitment for every Greek organization on campus, and each organization was required to apply to the director of Greek affairs for permission to recruit in the Spring. Not every organization made the cut, but the four NPC sororities on campus did.

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Erica Kay

Erica is a senior Television Production major at Montclair State University.