Giving Students the Scare they Crave

MSU Preps for Halloween with Hair Raising Experience

As the Halloween holiday is approaching, Montclair State University wants their students to enjoy the season of scares. On Monday, October 28th, Bohn Hall hosted an event that consisted of a “haunted hallway” that was on the first floor of the building. Overall, it was well received by the students with a large turnout and even had requests from students outside of Bohn. The makeup was all done by Bohn Hall Community Assistant Katherine Hardy-Diaz. The haunted hallway hours were originally from 8pm until 10pm, but the tours continued until about 10:45pm because of the large number of students that signed up. The actors working in the hallway as ghosts and zombies were Community Assistants that work in Bohn Hall, the Bohn Hall council, and a few helpful residents that wanted to join in on the scare.

On Halloween Day, there will be a Halloween Ball in the Rathskeller of the Student center from 8pm until midnight. There will be a costume contest and the winner will win an undisclosed prize. Also, there will be trick or treating in all of the resident halls from 7pm-8:30pm.

With these events, MSU hopes to give their students a good Halloween week, for those who have a sweet tooth for scares and candy.

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Yaritza Romero

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