Give me some Sugar, Baby

You're young, hot, and broke. Is being a sugar baby really the way to go?

*The audio is a reproduction of Baby, a 21-year-old girl who experimented with ‘sugar dating’ when she was 19 and 20. Names and voices have been changed to protect Baby’s identity.

When I picture a sugar baby, I picture a gorgeous young woman in Louboutin heels with a glass of wine in her hand. I also picture her as a relatively unique character. I mean, no average girl would be willing to enter into a relationship as taboo as a sugar relationship, right?

That’s where we’re wrong. is one of the world’s biggest ‘Sugar Baby’ dating sites. In 2014, hundreds of Rutgers University students joined the site as ‘sugar babies’ in an attempt to offset tuition costs. Over 300 sugar babies from the school signed up that year, launching Rutgers into the top 50 list of fastest growing “Sugar Baby Schools” for 2015.

New York University had the highest amount of new sign-ups last year, with 225 new sugar babies from the school joining the nearly 2 million students seeking financial aid from sugar daddies.

While Montclair State University has not cracked the top 50 yet, the two percent rise in tuition this last year certainly won’t be doing students many favors.

A ‘sugar baby’ student would receive an average of $3,000 in monthly allowances from their sugar daddy. This would earn the baby $20,920 more than a student working full time at the federal minimum wage. With this in mind it’s no surprise that so many students are finding themselves more likely to take the plunge into sugar dating. Brandon Wade, Founder and CEO of says, “Instead of earning a living and making milestone purchases post-graduation, many are stuck sending their paychecks straight to Sallie Mae.”

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Talia Chaves

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