“Get Out the Vote” at Montclair State

90.3 WMSC's Live Coverage of the Midterm Elections

The WMSC 90.3 FM team provided live coverage of the “Get Out the Vote” special at Montclair State on Tuesday night for the midterm elections. The hosts for the night were WMSC Programming Director Silas Kezengwa and member Kaitlyn Schoeffel, student analysts were WMSC Station Manager Mike Claudio and news team member Janine Amado, and on the scene at the poll station in Machuga Heights and in Cohen Lounge of Dickson Hall was Jessicca Bacher. The team provided live updates on the votes and several interviews with faculty, writers, and students.

“Get Out the Vote” began with a statement from Montclair State University President Susan Cole and went to Jessicca Bacher at the polls in Machuga. Jessicca interviewed a student who was very passionate about her vote and glad to be able to vote on her own campus. Then the program went to an interview with the hosts and former Mayor of Montclair, now Deputy Mayor, Robert Russo. Deputy Mayor Russo was an adjunct professor at Rutgers Newark for over 25 years and has been teaching for the past 10 years at Montclair State. He has taught American, state, and local government classes over the course of his career.

The student analysts reported updates on the polls and projections for Senate. The hosts were also able to speak with student Luis Travieso, a political science major, and student Ben Sinclair came to the studio for a live interview. At this point in the night, on-the-scene reporter Jessicca called in to WMSC for a second student interview, this time from Cohen Lounge of Dickson Hall; the political science major is centered in Dickson. Student analysts Mike and Janine reported more live updates on the polls.

“Get Out the Vote” hosts Silas and Kaitlyn were able to speak with Debbie Galant, director of NJ News Commons, in the studio for a live interview. The program went to student analysts for a breaking news update since the polls had closed at 8 p.m.; FOX News confirmed that Cory Booker won the New Jersey democratic seat for Senate. Jessicca then called in to the studio again for an interview with a cultural anthropology major from Cohen Lounge. The student was eager to hear the results of the elections.

The night ended with a conversation between the hosts and student analysts and a final interview. The hosts and student analysts spoke about how politicians have been reaching young adults through social media and why it’s effective. The team also spoke about why it’s important for young adults to be involved in politics and know how their lives and world will be affected by the votes they cast and people that are elected. Fred Guterl, executive director of Scientific American and former deputy editor at Newsweek International, spoke to Silas and Kaitlyn to end the in-studio interviews for the program (pictured). The Get the Vote Out special ended with a final student analyst update on the results of the midterm elections.

Article by: Natalie Caamano
Photos by: Dick Hinchliffe


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