Fouzia Saeed: Countering Sexual Harassment in our Lives

Activism and Social Stigmas in Pakistan

Dr. Fouzia Saeed is a social activist and a gender expert who is world renowned for her work in the Pakistani social movement for the advancement of women. She is the author of TABOO!: The Hidden Culture of a Red Light District as well as Working with Sharks: Countering Sexual Harassment in our Lives which is an autobiography depicting the sexual harassment that she dealt with when working with the United Nations.

She came to Montclair State University to teach students about activism and how she treaded on dangerous territory to fight social stigmas and bring more civil rights for women to Pakistan. She remarked about how social struggles are similar no matter where they occur which is especially pertinent as the LGBTQ fights for equal rights in the United States.

Montclair State | New Jersey

Jianna Hall

Jianna is a 20 year old Television and Digital Media Student at Montclair State University.