Foster the People’s Palace Theatre Take-Over

Harlem thumps to the Renaissance

Foster the People performed on October 24th at the United Palace Theatre in New York. Upon walking into the venue I noticed everyone’s heads were looking up and staring around because the theater itself was beautiful and intricate. Everyone couldn’t help but look in awe and Instagram the detailed walls and ceilings.

The opening act was Soko, a French singer and actress who you could tell she impressed the audience because there was pleasant chatter about her performance while the crowd waited for Foster the People to take the stage.

When the lights dropped and there was distinct sound that shot through the speakers that then rang in all of our ears, the crowd was amped and ready. Foster the people came out and kicked it off with Pseudologia Fantastica, a popular track from their newest album Supermodel. Right off the bat their lighting was insane, that is the only word I can muster to describe it. Their strobe, LED and spotlights went perfectly in time with the beat and perfectly synced with the feeling each song was meant to convey. Most notably their track I Would Do Anything For You is a love song, therefore the entire theater mellowed out while the red and pink lights shined and illuminated the theater. I would give a round of applause exclusively for their lighting designer.

Mark Foster was the only member of the band in the spotlight while the drummer Mark Pontius and bassist Cubbie Fink remained only slightly lit. They went on to play 8 songs from their debut album Torches such as Helena Beat and Don’t Stop while only playing 6 from Supermodel including Best Friend, Are You What You Want To Be? and Coming of Age. The band only stopped playing when Mark Foster began a political rant which was difficult to hear being as my ears were ringing from the sheer volume of the songs.

Foster the People briefly went off stage then returned for their encore. Mark Foster stepped up to the mic and began speaking about the school shooting that occurred early that day in Washington. He encouraged the audience to get out in the world and fight the National Rifle Association to change the gun laws in this country or else this is just going to keep happening. We have the power to make change and save innocent lives. He went on to say that even he feels that he has blood on his hands until this issue is resolved. Foster then said that they will not sing their biggest hit Pumped Up Kicks, which is about school shootings, and instead they will have a moment of silence. While there is an understanding as to why they would not sing Pumped Up Kicks you could tell that the crowd was disappointed.

Foster the People Setlist:

1. Pseudologia Fantastica
2. Miss You
3. Life on the Nickel
4. Helena Beat
5. Best Friend
6. Waste
7. Coming of Age
8. I Would Do Anything for You
9. Houdini
10. A Beginner’s Guide to Destroying The Moon
11. Are You What You Want To Be
12. Call It What You Want
13. Don’t Stop

14. Pumped Up Kicks (CUT)
15. The Truth

The Palace Theatre

Montclair State | New Jersey

Abigail Bruffy

Abigail is a TVDM major with an extreme interest in directing and editing. She is looking forward to getting out there, going on sets and learning as much a she can during her time here at Wired Jersey