Election Night 2014: Pizza & Politics Newsroom!

Together with NJ Spotlight, the Center for Cooperative Media is going to build a live election map as the results come in on election night. And we plan to pay our volunteers in pizza. We’ll also be broadcasting our election night coverage LIVE from the Multimedia Newsroom in Schmitt Hall at Montclair State University, so tune in here to watch the madness unfold!

These results are preliminary as precincts report. The colors on the map indicate which party is leading by district: RED for Republicans and BLUE for Democrats. (* Indicates an incumbent.)

Martin Halo

Martin Halo is a music journalist who founded TheWaster.com in 2006. He currently lives just outside of New York City and is the Director of Publishing for WASTER Inc., Halo Media Group, and Wired Jersey at Montclair State University.