Dream Job: A Profile of Kathleen Heaney

The "Web Girl" for Z100's Elvis Duran

We wish we could have been flies on the wall when Kathleen Heaney got interviewed for a job on the Elvis Duran Show. We can only imagine her with big glasses, wearing a chic spring outfit, accessorized head to toe pitching herself to Elvis Duran.

“Dress for the job you want,” said Heaney. Nothing represents one better than showing you care about your appearance. “Dress and show like you can do it, even if you aren’t entirely sure you can. The best way to get what you want is to fake it until you make it,” she continued, “trust me, I did it!”

Heaney majored in Political Science at Rutgers University. During those years of college, her dream job was to become a lawyer or a lobbyist. Like many other students, an opportunity gave Heaney the chance to step out of what she thought were her career plans and try something new.

“When I landed the gig of fashion editor for the Rutgers University’s newspaper and got my first internship, I slowly started to see that my original plan was folding,” she said with a smile on her face. “I was having so much fun working in fashion, I couldn’t imagine going to law school for another three years, then being saddled by a desk job at a law firm working long, boring hours.”

The road to the “Web Girl” at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show started when she interned for a small company in 2007. She never knew that small opportunity would set her career course. Having worked as a web site designer on the side for some time after graduation, Heaney was eager to take her career to the next level.

One spring morning in 2011, an opportunity presented itself to her to be interviewed for a position at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show at Z100. “I showed up with a complete mockup redesign of Elvisduran.com. I wanted them to see what I was capable of thinking strategically and that I would bring a lot of creative ideas to the show.”

When she started her job, social media was not what it is today. Companies didn’t use it to promote their businesses. Heaney saw the opportunity to use social media accounts to drive brand awareness. “It was an exciting time in social media. People are a lot more active on social now, but back then, it felt like we were on the cusp of something great. Now brands, products and companies, both big and small, are more accessible to their consumers than ever before.”

Social media is being used everywhere and for everything these days. Elvis Duran Show is not the exception. For them, “It’s all about being casual, fun and accessible. I write statuses and tweets in a very informal tone… like your best friend. It makes us more likeable and more relatable,” she said. “It’s also more fun for me. Listening to the show is now a multi-platform experience with Twitter, Facebook, iHeartRADIO, Instagram, and ElvisDuran.com being updated daily.”

College students often find their true calling after doing internships in different fields. From her experience, Heaney emphasizes that only you hold the key to your own success. “Just remember you are always branding yourself,” she concluded, “you only make a first impression once.”


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Katherine Aucena

Katherine Aucena is a Journalist, Web Developer and a Professional Chef. She obtained a bachelor of arts in Journalism from Montclair State University. Aucena fulfilled her passion of cooking by completing the culinary arts program at The French Culinar Institute in 2011. She graduated high school with a 2-year technical degree in Computer Science and received her associates of arts in Communications Media Arts. She has worked on various TV shows, radio, as a contributing writer and in the food industry. She currently works in the magazine publishing industry.