Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead tonight!

Daylight Savings is here once again

This winter has surely been a long and tough one but the first signs of Spring’s arrival have arrived: Daylight Savings begins tomorrow morning.

Many people will be setting their clocks ahead 60 minutes tonight before going to bed because Daylight Savings starts at Sunday 2 a.m. local time.

As we spring forward early tomorrow morning, we will all be losing an hour of sleep but will gain an hour more of sunlight during the day which is a promising sign for warmer and nicer days ahead.

Many fire departments also advise that it’s a great time for homeowners to check their batteries in smoke detectors to ensure that they are working properly.

Not everyone around the world observes Daylight Savings Time. Places like Hawaii, Puerto Rico, parts of Arizona, The Virgin Islands and Guam do not participate in Day Light Savings. Around the world, the majority of Asia, Africa, Australia and South America do not observe it either.

In Europe the clocks spring forward just a few weeks after ours, when they begin to observe Daylight Savings on the last Sunday of March.

Daylight Savings ends on November 2nd.

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Emma Klein

Emma is currently a Television and Digital Media major with a concentration in Television Production at Montclair State University.