Despite Injuries; MSU Extends Winning Culture

Red Hawks women’s soccer remains victorious after shutting out Vassar College, now leading a 11-1 streak for the season. Despite a big win over the New York team, an even bigger wrench was thrown in the road.

Powerhouse player Melanie Greco was injured on the field during the second half of the game. The senior offensive player received an agonizing knee injury temporarily crippling her dead in her tracks near the opposing teams goal. Fortunately by this time, the Red Hawks secured two goals leaving a safe buffer to stay ahead in the game. Painful moments went by leaving a dedicated crowd silently waiting in their bleacher creature seats. With some assistance, Melanie was fortunately able to hop off the field for the game to resume play.

Thankfully for the Red Hawks, this luckless incident did not have a major impact on the outcome of the game. Despite the fact that they defeated Vassar un-scored, it may be trouble ahead in the coming games.

Her teammate, Kaila Fasano who single handedly scored both goals that night, expressed hope, yet concern about Melanie’s injury and the future of the team. “It’s not the worst case scenario… she’s an awesome offensive player and we need her for these big games coming up.” Kailas attitude toward the whole situation remained positive as she looks forward and focused on their next big away game with Rowan University.

Coach Patrick Naughter who’s been with the team since 2010, voices his opinion on physical trauma in sports. “We’ve lost some really great kids to concussions over the last few years. It’s a violent game, it’s a dangerous game. You got to play every game like its your last because it might be.”

Patrick is receptive to his teams needs, always cognizant of their mental and physical well-being. He believes concussions are the biggest concern when playing or even practicing. Thankfully no one received a bump to the head this season but they are always prepared for the worst by putting safety as their first priority.

Injuries have been a hot topic in the sports industry, primarily in football. Players have an increased chance to receive major head trauma in such a combative sport like football, although it can equally be as hazardous with any sport on a professional and college level.

Coach Naughter hopes Mel is ready to show her best for the next game, but is always prepared to sub in another teammate when needed. With freshman being part of a two season win streaking team; it’s sometimes difficult to penetrate the excelling lineup.

The conquering team looks onward to the NCAA championship, always improving and adapting whenever the time calls for it. Their versatile nature and drive for success seems to be paying off as they hit the road looking for their first victory away at Rowan University.

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Orlando Hurtado Jr.

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