Comedy Central’s “Broad City” Brings The Laughs

From Executive Producer Amy Poehler, The New Comedy Doesn't Hold Back the Punches
Chloe Motisi

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The true brajs of Comedy Central’s Workaholics will have to make room for the new broads on the block. Comedy Centrals new show, Broad City, from executive producer Amy Pohler, is making waves. The ladies take the last spot in a Wednesday night line-up that includes an all boys club, from Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park to Adam, Ders, and Blake of Workaholics. While the ten-episode season is halfway through, the network has announced that they will be picking up the show for a second season. And for good reason, the new ladies of late night are hilarious.

Originally established as a web-series, the shows creators, writers, and stars Abbi Jacobson and Llana Glazer, have been able to take four minutes of storyline to create a thirty-minute world revolving around their co-dependent characters. Jacobson and Glazer’s characters share their real-life names and what one can only assume are exaggerated characteristics of themselves. They have no shame when it comes to their intro level jobs and sex lives and are unapologetically high most of the time, a relatable representation of any twenty-something.

The show has its “raunchy” moments but that’s what makes it so enjoyable. Jacobson and Glazer are not afraid to hold back, making the show more realistic than its HBO counterpart Girls, who seem to rely heavily on their parents support to make their dreams come true. Broad City ain’t got time for whinning, ain’t no body got time for that.

In the series second episode, P***y Weed, Abbi and Llana decide to take charge of their lives for once. Llana, the instigator of the two, decides its time for her to no longer rely on her “mummy and daddy” to do her taxes. And Abbi, the more timid of the duo, decides she needs to stop relying on others to get her weed. Both noble causes, what can go wrong? They seemingly take the mundane tasks of daily life to create the shows laughable moments; ones that include garbage bagels, rocket ships, and punting roasted chicken.

While the broads can bring the funny all on their own, the show is often complimented by Hannibal Buress who co-stars as Lincoln, a dentist and Llana’s “purely physical” love interest. Buress comes to Broads with a background as a former writer for both SNL and 30 Rock. It’s certainly arguably that with his one-liners he can often steal the show with his nonchalant responses to Llana’s hyperactive life.

And the fairly new show isn’t short of guest appearances either. Fred Armisen, SNL Alum and Portlandia star, lent a helping hand in the pilot sporting a diaper, as a creep from a craigslist ad. Rachel Dratch, another SNL Alum, as well as Amy Sedaris and Janeane Garofalo have also made note worthy appearances.

Abbi and Llana’s characters are perfectly imperfect. They get locked out they get messed up and quite frankly they don’t give a damn. Broad City airs 10:30 pm EST on Comedy Central after Workaholics and trust me they are worth the wait.

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