Comedian Ralphie May is Coming to the Wellmont

An Interview with Ralphie May

The Wellmont Theater has hosted various comedians over the years, and on March 28th, 2014 Ralphie May will be making his way to Montclair to perform his renowned stand-up routine. Ralphie May, the Tennessee native, born in 1972 and then raised in Arizona, has been married to comedian Lahna Turner since 2005.

“I love Jersey, man, I love it!”, says May, “My buddy was telling me how (The Wellmont) was like his go-to theater to take girls and make out with them and stuff.” Ralphie then went on to say,”I’m excited, I was playing at the Borgata in Atlantic City last month and that was terrific as well as the other casinos on the East Coast.”

Sam Kinison is a big one”, replied May when asked about his comedic influences. He also said, “Chris Rock, Buddy Hackett, all these guys helped me. There’s so many good ones”.

In a time where the media has evolved online and has allowed comedians to reach larger audiences, May believes, “It’s fantastic because I don’t do the old stuff so if people want (to see it) it’s there and it’s instantaneous for the fans. That’s the way I like to watch stuff,” continues May, “and when I like a comedian (I haven’t seen before) I like to watch what they’ve done and Netflix (and YouTube) is great for that.” Two of Ralphie May’s Comedy Central specials, “Austin-Tacious” and “Too Big to Ignore“, are available for instant streaming on Netflix.

“The switch is never easy”, May replied after being asked about the difficulty of flipping the switch between being an outrageous comedian and being a father. “I want to be a father and I want to be a comedian and I want to be able to spend more time with them and I’m just not as there as I think I should be. It stinks.”

So what’s the future looking like for Ralphie May? “We’re gonna have another new special and that will start the next tour. I’m doing ‘Filthy Animals‘ now and we’ll just keep going with that (for now)”, May replied. Ralphie then went on to reveal, “I recorded TWO new specials and (in addition) another one that we’re almost done with. Everything is great with it.”

Don’t miss Ralphie May’s Stand Up Performance on Friday, March 28th at the Wellmont Theater in Montclair, New Jersey! Tickets are still available online, just follow “The Wellmont Theater” link located below!

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