College Radio Day Descends upon MSU

90.3 WMSC Montclair State University

“College radio is the conduit of creativity for the transformational generation. Allowing a keen perspective not only into music but art, politics, and social issues. Above all it’s one of the last honest forms of media.” Kristina Farrell, a seasoned veteran of radio and Montclair State expressed her passion for her art. She has been apart of MSU’s station for six years and summed up what most DJs had to say about the free-form “underground” studio. Everyone had a lot to say especially on College Radio Day. A day of appreciation not just for radio stations, but for DJs and listeners as well. Today at Montclair State University DJs of 90.3 WMSC were eager to tell their listeners exactly why College Radio was important to them and were willing to travel away from their studio to do so. A few DJs gathered in the quad for a mobile broadcast to ask listeners about their knowledge on the voice of Montclair and their opinions too. They were met with excited voices that asked questioned and even went on air to express their love of the station and it’s involvement on campus. With it’s new home under The School of Communications big things are expected to come from one of the last honest forms of media.

Montclair State | New Jersey

Sofia Chavez

Sofia is a senior studying broadcasting at Montclair State University. She has a radio show on campus called "Salsa & Chicks" and skills in editing and producing.