Chivalry: Treat Her Like A Lady

"Women Appreciation Day" hosted by La Hermandad

Chivalry isn’t dead. Montclair State University Brotherhood/ La Hermandad hosted an all day event entitled “Women Appreciation Day,” Tuesday March 18th in honor of Women’s History Month.

Throughout the day, members of the Brotherhood/ La Hermandad practiced old fashion chivalry by catering to a few lucky ladies. Nothing was off limits from opening doors to pulling out seats for the ladies to sit in.

“Women’s Appreciation Day” ended with a dinner in the Student Center Dining Hall that was open to the public on a first come first serve bases. Upon entering, each female was escorted to her seat by member where he acted as her waiter for the night.

“One of our members, Lamar Washington, suggested that we do something to show appreciation to the women who may not receive the appreciation or attention they deserve,” said Brotherhood/ La Hermandad President Rahil Kassam. “During the day, we would cater to women who have a GPA of 3.3 or above by walking them to class, carrying their books, having lunch with them, opening doors, pulling out chairs, and little things like that,” Kassam continued.

Despite the name “The Brotherhood/La Hermandad”, this organization is for Minority Males and Females to become more involved with campus activities along with community service.

“Our female members helped us out by figuring out what to do for tonight and during the day,” explained Kassam. “It is always good to get the people to whom you’re catering for perspective so that way you’re not just fulfilling your ideas of what it should be, but instead you’re listening to them and doing what they want to be done.”

During the dinner, the females were kept entertained with performances from some of the men from the brotherhood while others delivered food and desserts to each female attending the event. The young men were so enthralled in putting forth the act of chivalry that they did not get a chance to eat the food while it was fresh.

“It was nice to see scholarly women being recognized and treated like the Queens we are,” said attendee Ashley Lovelace. “It was classy, elegant, short, and straight to the point and just awesome”

The men of the organization not only recognized females on campus but also monumental females in history. The center piece of each table had a picture of important women from the past to the present. No one was off limits to be recognized by the charming men of The Brotherhood/La Hermandad. The organization has defiantly outdone itself and will have a hard time making next year’s event better than this one.

Montclair State | New Jersey

Taureanna Ward

South Jersey Girl to the Core, Taureanna C. Ward grew up in a small town where everyone knew each other some way or another. She is the youngest of 6 children. Ever since she was a child, she participated in school plays and loved helping others. In her first year of college she decided she wanted to go into the Broadcast Industry. With dreams of becoming a future activists, Taureanna Ward will constantly stand up for what is right and protest what is wrong.