CARPE DIEM: The top news executive at NPR

On this episode of Carpe Diem, host Merrill Brown, director of the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University is joined by National Public Radio’s Senior Vice President of News and Editorial Director, Michael Oreskes.

Prior to becoming NPR’s senior news executive last year, Michael’s has had a wide ranging 40 year career in which he has been involved in coverage of the most important stories of our day. He came to NPR after seven years as Executive Editor of the Associated Press, where he contributed in spearheading the transition from traditional media to multi-media for online and mobile users.

Previously Michael served for three years at International Herald Tribune and had a long New York Times career where he served as both assistant Managing Editor and Deputy Managing Editor. Michael is a three time Emmy winner and also author of The Genius of America, How the Constitution Saved Our Country and Why It Can Again and has written for publications including the American Journalism Review, Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics and Insights on Law & Society.

This episode was produced and hosted by the director of the School of Communication and Media, Merrill Brown and directed by TVDM major, Tyler Rosenberg.

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