CARPE DIEM: Power through Therapy and Service Pets

Therapy and service pets are quite extraordinary and the infinite relationship man has with an animal provides many health benefits.

At the end of every semester, The Sprague Library and the Health Promotion Department at Montclair State, work together to bring an array of furry friends to the library. This is an effort to help students alleviate the anxiety or stress caused by the last weeks of a grueling semester. The event is extremely popular as students wait to enter the library for the chance to pet and even take selfies with the numerous therapy animals on site.

Host Alex Guilloty, a TVDM major from the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University, sits down with Denise O’Shea, Head of Access Services & Systems at MSU’s Harry A. Sprague Library and Stephanie Barone, Student Staff Member of Health Promotion to talk about the therapeutic power these animals have.

In addition to therapy, dogs can also provide help as service pets. The Seeing Eye, a facility that prepares and trains certain dogs to provide assistance to people who are blind, helped guest Siavash Bareini, a post graduate at MSU, partner up with Ozzy, his service pet trained by the Seeing Eye of Morristown, New Jersey.

This episode was produced and hosted by TVDM major Alex Guilloty and directed by TVDM major, Amanda Martinez.

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