CARPE DIEM: Lynn Povich: A pioneer in breaking down barriers in journalism

On this episode of Carpe Diem, host Merrill Brown, director of the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University is joined by award winning journalist with over 40 years in the news business, Lynn Povich. Lynn began her journalism career as a Newsweek magazine secretary in their Paris Bureau and quickly found her way to New York.

In 1970, Lynn was one of the 46 female Newsweek employees, who filed an historic claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission suing the magazine for sex discrimination, for a policy of only allowing men to be hired as writers and reporters on the magazine and women as researchers. Newsweek was owned by Katharine Graham’s Washington Post Company. The women eventually won and by 1975 Lynn became Newsweek’s first female Senior Editor.

Lynn talks about her inspiring career as well was her book, The Good Girls Revolt, a retelling about that landmark lawsuit and the impact it has left for women in the media world. Her book has been adapted as a widely anticipated new show on Amazon Prime, which premiered on October 28th.

This episode was produced and hosted by the director of the School of Communication and Media, Merrill Brown and directed by TVDM major, Tyler Rosenberg.

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