CARPE DIEM: An exclusive look at a local charity that is redefining the word “hero”

In recent years, cosplay has grown immensely. Cosplay, or Costume Play, is the art of creating costumes and piecing together accessories to represent a character. Characters from all forms of entertainment are re-created, especially at major comic conventions like New York’s Comic-Con, but none are re-created as much as superheros. One individual with a big heart has turned cosplay into a way to impact young lives.

On this episode of Carpe Diem, host Victoria Rosas, a TVDM major in the School of Communication and Media at Montclair State University sits down with cosplayer Adaina Velez. Adaina has become a major staple in the world of cosplaying for her innovative and creative designs. She also has won multiple awards for various cosplay contests and has been featured in several global magazines, television shows, podcasts, and panels. More recently, Adaina has become well known for her charity “Heroes”, where she picks a child in need once a year and takes them on adventures built for a hero.

This episode was produced by DVR Productions, a student-based production company from Television and Digital Media’s TPC course. It was hosted by TVDM major Victoria Rosas, and directed by TVDM major, Dante Giannetta.

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