Cafe Diem No More: Au Bon Pain Opens on Campus

Does the new Cafe Live up to the hype?

After several weeks of curiosity and anticipation, the grand opening of Au Bon Pain finally happened. The recent talk on campus has been all about the new dining spot, its changes, and the students’ reactions to the new self-serving system.

Junior and Psychology student, Amanda Hauser stated that she was a bit confused with the café’s new set up. Hauser said, “At first, I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t sure where you were supposed to order or pay. I think having signs indicating where to do what would’ve helped. But afterwards, you kind of get the hang of it.”

With the previous system, customers would wait on one line, and order their food/ drinks and wait. Now with the new self-serving system, the wait is less. Au Bon Pain is made up of three different lines. One line is to order drinks, another is to order food, and the final line is to pay. Customers are now free to self serve some foods such as pastries and macaroni & cheese.

According to Hauser, “Since employees write down your name along with your order, it causes a lot less confusion. There have been times in the past when I’d see students unknowingly retrieve the wrong order.”
Junior and Family and Child Studies student, Briana Rogers was curious to see what changes were brought to the new cafe. “I couldn’t wait for the café to open,” said Rogers. “I think the café is such an essential part of campus, for me at least. That made it worth the wait.”

Besides the new modern and renovated look, Rogers really liked the new additions to the menu. She is happy that some of the classic foods were kept such as the bagels and the Grilled Chicken Caesar wrap but was very content to what was added. Rogers stated her favorite item thus far, “I just tried the pumpkin Spice latte and it’s so yummy. It’s my new obsession.”

Lindsey Anderson, Marketing Manager of Montclair Dining Services, held a positive outlook on the grand opening on campus, “Everyone loves the Au Bon Pain brand, it has a very great reputation as a brand for their specialty menu items, such as soups, salads, and sandwiches.”
When asked about what she thought about the grand opening, Anderson replied, “It was highly anticipated by faculty and students alike.”

Nonetheless, some students will find it difficult to adapt to this new change. Rogers stated, “I think we just need to get used to the switch. Since Au Bon Pain’s grand opening was not too long ago, things are hectic and confusing but with time, it’ll probably calm down a bit.”

“This café holds a lot of great memories for me. Although it’s now technically called Au Bon Pain, I will always refer to it as Café Diem,” said Senior and molecular biology student Tanisha Rivas.
Rivas is glad that the change was made because “new things are exciting.”

“It was a big change for some students but overall a good one. It’s bittersweet.”

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