Brick by Brick, “The Lego Movie” Rocks!

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Everything. Is. Awesome. Pure breathtaking animation is awesome. A hilariously talented voice cast is awesome. Intertwined personal messages are awesome. Please forgive me for my continued use of the word “awesome,” it’s going to be used a lot here. The first true smash hit of 2014 has arrived in the most unlikely form in “The Lego Movie”. Helmed by feature animation vets Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, this movie really just has it. It works across the board, and it is fantastic animation achievement that I believe reaches the bar that “Toy Story” reached in 1995. With terrific animation to match it’s equally tremendous cast, “The Lego Movie” soars with sharp writing that not only completely entertains but also delivers a strong message of values and personality.
“The Lego Movie” follows the tale of a so-it-seems completely normal construction worker named Emmet. But after a mysterious run-in with a master-builder (those able to create in the “Lego” universe) named Wyldstyle, Emmet stumbles on an artifact and is named the chosen one by Vitruvious (played here by wise-man master Morgan Freeman). The group attempts to stop President Business as he tries to assert his dominance over the Lego World and destroy it.
Now I know what you’re thinking, that story seems a bit far-fetched. Of course it is. The filmmakers know this, and decide to have fun with the idea and in the grand scheme of things it works beautifully. The movie never took itself too seriously, which made for enormously entertaining viewing. Phil Lord and Christopher Miller not only directed “The Lego Movie” but they also wrote it, so a lot of credit goes to them for making the story work so well. They are both smart writers, with the ability to intertwine minute-by-minute laughs and whole-hearted messages.
There were no weak links in the voice cast of “The Lego Movie”. Every character had their chance to shine in their own unique ways, and it was fantastic. From seasoned comedy actors like Will Arnett, Will Ferrell, and Charlie Day to powerhouse actors like Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman, the cast was very well rounded. Even blockbuster newcomers like Chris Pratt and Alison Brie naturally bring life to their little Lego characters.
The animation style in which this film is presented in is unprecedented. Using computer animation to simulate stop motion animation was a very interesting and visually appealing direction to take with the movie. In the Lego world, everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) is made of Lego pieces. From the food, the pets, water, smoke, an ocean, it is all brick by brick. It looked fascinating throughout the entire runtime.
“Everything is awesome,” which is the anthem and theme song of “The Lego Movie” produced by Teagan and Sara featuring The Lonely Island, really sells the point home that everything in this production is in-fact very awesome. It’s fun without leaving your brain at the door, and there are twists and surprises interlaced to never make the movie feel dull. If you’re a moviegoer who enjoys watching good movies, this will work just fine for you. Brick by brick, piece by piece, “The Lego Movie” roars and soars for audiences of any age.

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