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WMSC DJ Shows Passion Through His Hit Sports Talk Show

For most students, Friday night is a time to unwind from a rough week. Some people watch television while others may go straight to sleep. However, many others are finding a new way to unwind. That is by listening to Brian Goudward’s radio show, Stickin to Sports.

Now a junior, Brian became involved with the radio station in his first semester and was always interested in having his own show. The quality of the discussion he leads his show with will be immediately notable for first time listeners and sports fans.

“I’ve always had a love for sports and wanted to have a career in sports broadcasting,” he said. “I always heard to get involved in whatever way you can, so looking into the radio station and hosting my own show was what I really wanted to do.”
Both in the studio and on the air, anyone with a passing interest in sports will sense his strong passion for sports.

“I think I have a different style from a lot of other sports shows. A lot of people who listen to these shows want a riled up view, where everything is bad, but I have a calmer approach; its more informative.” He went to say, “That kind of mentality is what I like, I don’t try to bury every team, I like to be more positive.”

He also makes sure to have on-air callers to discuss certain topics, and encourages them to carry an insightful conversation relating to issues in sports. Former guests include Kevin Burkhardt, a prominent sportscaster for FOX and Buster Olney, an acclaimed baseball writer and reporter for ESPN.

“I think what makes Brian’s show stand out is his professionalism,” said John Galletley, an Apprentice DJ at WMSC. “He’s one of the most prepared people I’ve seen do a show like this, and has taught me a lot along the way.”

For certain sports, Brian likes to bring in people he feels have valuable opinions and insight for a discussion. One of them is Nick Stellini, a fellow junior and sports media major.

“I actually like that he covers all sports, even though my main interest is baseball,” expressed Nick. “There’s a good focus on the local and the national stories. He goes over all the teams, instead of just New York sports, which is great.”

Brian also expressed that he would like the show to have more production elements, and include a show opener, or find a way to include a press conference to add to his discussion. It is clear that Brian has a strong work ethic, which should only give interested listeners more of a reason to call in, and support the show.

Stickin to Sports is on 90.3 WMSC from 4 to 7pm on Fridays. You can follow the show on Twitter @SportsWMSC.

Written by: Michael Saporito
Photos by: Michael Saporito

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