Body Acceptance Week

Exhibits and Awareness for pride in one's skin

As many of you know, we are at that time again where Montclair State University reaches out to students and reminds them of how beautiful each and every one of them truly is inside and out.

Body Acceptance week should inspire us to really believe that this is how we should view ourselves. However, in order to follow this and actually accept the skin we are in, we need to really want to.

Everyone is different and no ones body is the same. Lets face it, we can dream and wish as much as we want but in reality, no one actually looks like the perfectly portrayed Victoria Secret Supermodels. Or even the Calvin Klein chiseled male models that are displayed on huge billboards all over the city. They don’t even look like that in real life.

It is called Photoshop people! We can spend countless nights staring at ourselves in the mirror and staring at a number on a scale over and over again wishing it would decrease 10 numbers down but what is that going to do for us? Nothing. The best thing we can do is be happy with who we are because lets face it, this is what we have to show for ourselves. Living in denial of what you look like will only cause you to feel unworthy of yourself and become blinded by the real beauty you have to offer this world.

Once you realize that your body is just as beautiful as anyone else’s and stop comparing it to unrealistic figures that probably aren’t even happy with their own body, you can then embrace what you have and flaunt it with a glowing smile. There is no better feeling than accepting your body and being more then content with the skin that
you are in.

Montclair State | New Jersey

Stephanie Russo

A sophomore here at Montclair State University. This is my second year in the Television and Digital media program with a concentration in Television Production. I aspire to be an entertainment reporter in the NY/LA area in the future.