Being in the Audience for Late Night with Seth Meyers

Abigail Bruffy

On Monday, October 27th I attended a taping of Late Night with Seth Meyers. The guests for the night were country singers Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley, actor Mark Consuelos with musical guest T.I.

But before the show could kick off the crowd had to get hyped up. This is when Ryan Reiss, Late Night’s opener, came out to warm up the crowd. He began with the usual “how’s everybody doing?”, to which the crowd cheered. He explained the do’s and don’t of the show before beginning his little routine. He asked certain individuals where they were from and then poking fun at each one of them. Nothing bonds people together like watching other people being teased. Never the less it was all harmless and Reiss really charmed the crowd.

Reiss introduced the studio band, led by none other than Fred Armisen. But tonight they were accompanied by special guest Brad Paisley. The band continued to pump up the audience by singing a cover of Should I Stay Or Should I Go by The Clash. Everyone was singing along and by the end everyone was ready for Seth Meyers.

First, Meyer’s came out unofficially to thank the crowd for being there that night and to get a few laughs in before promising he will be back in exactly 60 seconds. Seth retreated backstage and awaited his cue. The seconds passed, the applause lights begin flashing and the audience cheered as Meyer’s made his official entrance and began his monologue followed by his usual banter with Fred Armisen. The pair continued their bit of Seth making up something Fred did while Fred has to talk about it and explain. This time around Seth said that Fred had started a food truck and Fred elaborated that it is in fact a four-story food truck with a waterslide for the food to be sent down on. It got out of hand quickly and as always the people love it.

After the commercial break Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley were brought out for a double interview. Paisley, seemingly more relaxed than Underwood, was more open to witty banter with Meyers while Underwood kept her answers short and sweet until she was comfortable. Both were interviewed together to promote themselves hosting the Country Music Association Awards for the 7th time.

Late Night took another commercial break and then came back to introduce Mark Consuelos, who plays Senator Andy Guzman on Alpha House. For those unfamiliar with the show, Alpha House is a comedy about four republican senators sharing the same rental house in Washington, D.C.. Starring John Goodman, Clark Johnson, Matt Malloy and of course Mark Consuelos. Meyers and Consuelos began chatting about his family. Mark gave the typical parent story of dealing with a new driver in the house, cautioning the audience to stay alert on the roads despite his son passing the drivers test with flying colors.

The largest break came when the crew began to set up for the night’s musical guest T.I.. This is when Meyer’s takes advantage of the time he has and mingles with the audience, coming right up into the aisles and just being a regular guy. People asked questions like if he gets nervous or what to do while they’re in New York- then I raised my hand. I explained I am a Broadcasting major at Montclair State, then asked what I can do to work in the industry. He immediately brought up internships, even mentioning Late Night does interning, then he went on to say make friends in your major. You never know who out of all of your classmates is going to make it and if you can help each other out you definitely should. He answered a few more questioned before thanking us one more time and heading back down onto the studio floor to introduce T.I..

The stage was fogged and and Grammy award winning, T.I. came out looking smooth as ever in his blue blazer and fedora. Along with him were Young Jeezy and Watch the Duck. The three of them performed G’S**t from T.I.’s ninth studio album, Paperwork. Now while the audience was mostly middle age folks, not T.I.’s typical demographic, the catchy beat had the entire crowd enjoying the song.

If you ever have the opportunity to see a taping of Late Night with Seth Meyers, do it. The entire day I was thinking I would feel like just another member of the audience but the crew and Seth himself made every person in the room feel like we were all friends and that we were right at home.

Montclair State | New Jersey

Abigail Bruffy

Abigail is a TVDM major with an extreme interest in directing and editing. She is looking forward to getting out there, going on sets and learning as much a she can during her time here at Wired Jersey