Beck Releases New Studio Album “Morning Phase”

Acoustic Compositions and Soulful Lyrics Grace Artist's Twelfth Studio Release

Beck’s newly anticipated album, Morning Phase, will be the twelfth studio release from the artist. The album is absolutely great nearly the whole way through. The acoustic compositions and soulful lyrics will reverberate through those willing to listen. If you are expecting an album that will make an attempt at the innovation and energy of Odelay than maybe the album isn’t for you. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t enjoy it, but again, this album is different than previous Beck albums. Sea Change is the only album similar to Beck’s new release, though it would seem to be a more cosmetic similarity, rather than a close biological makeup. The sincerity and concern in this album is far more obvious and necessary than others seem to have been before.

Morning Phase captures Beck’s state of mind as a husband and father. He seems to be looking at the past, dissecting it and even regretting it through songs on the album. Songs like “Morning” comment on the past and look back with a desire to change things that are long over. Others like “Heart Is a Drum” seem to offer advice to those willing to listen. Beck seems to offer his wisdom as a more normal and weathered human being. That in itself is surprising; many see Beck as an unpredictable musician, or a bit of a loose cannon artist. This time around he offers a more common and meaningful work that captures the attention of those really listening to his work. If you’re looking for a pop artist who’s rivaling those singing about breakups, partying and anything in between, this probably isn’t the album for you. But, if you’re willing to listen to songs about life, about experiences that someone can’t help but reflect on in a truthful and beautiful way, than it could be the perfect album to check out.

Beck will be turning forty four this summer, and this album makes it seem as though he is even older at times. “Say Goodbye” is my favorite song on the album, and makes a comment on aging. The song seems to talk about giving up on things that reality has made improbable due to getting older. Not far off is “Blue Moon”, a song that seems to display Beck’s fear of loneliness, and losing those who are dear to him. Morning Phase is a completely worthwhile album to get into, and should be given a few listens through before any judgments are made. For me, it only took one.

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Steve Melone

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