Talia Chaves

Someday Talia Chaves will be the girl who's paid to look for spelling errors in your favorite books. Until then, she's a Journalism student at MSU who likes to snack, nap, and plan out her future as a blazer-wearing career woman in Publishing.

Give me some Sugar, Baby

You’re young, hot, and broke. Is being a sugar baby really the way to go? In 2014, hundreds of Rutgers University students joined a site as ‘sugar babies’ in an attempt to offset tuition cost launching Rutgers into the top 50 list of fastest growing “Sugar Baby Schools” for 2015.

Hair: Naked, Hairy and Ready to Sing

The Memorial Auditorium stage at Montclair State University is littered with student actors, some standing, and others kneeling with their hands resting against their…