Martin Halo

Martin Halo is a music journalist who founded in 2006. He currently lives just outside of New York City and is the Director of Publishing for WASTER Inc., Halo Media Group, and Wired Jersey at Montclair State University.

Wired Jersey: November 2, 2017

In the wake of a NYC Terror Attack and a water main break plaguing MSU, Wired Jersey touches upon local headlines with The Montclarion Editor-in-Chief, Alexandra Clark.

Wired 90: October 12, 2017

This week in Wired 90: We welcome guest Joe Amditis from MSU’s Center for Cooperative Media to talk the upcoming NJ Gubernatorial Election between (D) Phil Murphy & Lieutenant Governor (R) Kim Guadagno.

Wired 90: October 05, 2017

Today in MSU News… Rapper T-Pain has canceled his homecoming concert, a reminder for residents to NOT park in Car Parc and your late night snuggle session will now cost more due to Netflix rate hikes.

Wired 90: October 03, 2017

This Week Wired Jersey touches upon the concert massacre in Las Vegas and safety here at MSU. Also, Rocky the Red Hawk’s Sweet 16 and lounging between classes.

The Life and Death of Liberalism in the United States

Back in 2007, British journalist and political commentator Nick Cohen published his book ‘What’s Left?’, an essay which explored the contradictions and confusions of modern day liberal and left leaning politics. By the time the book reaches its ten year anniversary on 21 January 2017, either President Donald Trump or President Hillary Clinton will have just undertaken their first full day in the Oval Office, ushering in a new age of liberalism far different to the kind that Cohen bemoaned.

A Fashionable Affair

The lead up to this election has been chaotic to say the least and it’s already quite clear that it’ll be unlike any before. We have our first female presidential candidate, more banter and brutal comments than ever before and for the first time, Vogue is endorsing a US Presidential Candidate (No points for guessing which one).

Wired: 90 October 20, 2016

In this edition of Wired Jersey, we discuss the ban of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones on campus, Homecoming day, the return of the debate club, the Aida musical, and some meditation.

Clinton Wins Head-to-Head Battle Against Trump in Final Debate

The previous two debates have been characterised by interruptions and shouting-matches, with Republican nominee Donald Trump especially quick to attack his opponent, but this time he managed to dodge Hillary Clinton’s provocations – except the occasional interruption of “wrong”.

Wired:90 October 13, 2016

For this edition of Wired 90, we feature a campus suicide prevention walk, new campus recreation center additions, Homecoming week, and w\Women Entrepreneurship Week.

Wired:90 September 29, 2016

This week at Montclair State University including Create Your Own Donuts, a newly opened School of Nursingand Sustain Local 2016, a national convention about Journalism sustainability.

DNC Response to Debate was ‘LOL’

On Wednesday the 18th of May 2016, Micheal Briggs of the Bernie Sanders campaign sent an email to Jeremy Brinster at the Democratic National Committee with the subject line ‘Sanders Welcomes California Debate’ a debate which we now know never happened.