Artist Spotlight: Royal Teeth

Louisiana Band Emerges Onto the Indie-Pop Scene
Nicole Duque

Louisiana has done it again. A state known for its huge musical output over the past few centuries, has brought the world yet another promising act. Six ambitious folk from Southern Louisiana known as Royal Teeth, emerged from New Orleans under Dangerbird Records, 3 years ago and have already gathered a faithful audience.

To successfully indulge in their beat-centric sound, give a listen to “Wild”, “Heartbeats”, “Stay” and “My Donna”.

Jeff Castelaz, CEO and Founder of Dangerbird Records, recalls his first encounter with the pop inspired band. Just outside of French Quarter in New Orleans, Royal Teeth were performing in the small venue on Halloween Night that year. The CEO, was hoping to find an act to sign, with his newly founded company. Little did he know that the band of his dreams, were minutes from blowing the whole place away.

Since that show, Louisiana could not get enough. Packed shows in New Orleans and Lafayette impressed critics and Mute Math, with which they shared a bill. Fans from neighboring states, traveled miles by car or plane to see what the buzz was about, officially making it time, the band was introduced to the rest of the nation.

The CMJ Festival in NYC 2011, welcomed the team wholeheartedly, boosting their image with their positive promotions and reviews. Luckily the band did not disappoint, in fact their demand was on the rise. At the show, they delivered their playful blend of indie-pop with snippets of keyboards for a relatively dynamically sleek sound.

When performing, vocal duo Gary Larsen and Nora Patterson splurge heartfelt lyrics while the rest of the crew (Joshua Wells on Bass, Josh Hefner on Percussion, Stevie Billeaud on Guitar and Andrew Poe on Vocals/Keys/Percussion/Programming) travel through synthetic soundscape that lands between dance pop and electronic.

Their EP Act Naturally (2012) , served up some cutesy juxtapose crunchy bass lines, stick clicks and ethereal keys/guitars that intentionally twist the listeners attention to the point of getting lost in the rhythm. Percussive elements and fat bass, wrap around their creations, syncing with actively lively choruses that get stuck in your head way after the song is over.

Most recently, the group set focus and energy on sharing with their fans the spirited joy of the live shows that have pulled in audiences from all over the country. This winter in Toronto, Royal Teeth recorded with producer Gavin Brown, Glow – an engaging collection of Indie Pop tracks, which help celebrate the band’s desire for exploration as well as adventures, particularly the kind that lead into the unknown. These themes are first found in the band’s addictive, infectious single “Wild”.

Southern charm and a grand dose of personality is exactly what these guys deliver. The group also participated in the year’s most anticipated music festival, SXSW in Austin, Texas. Royal Teeth performed on Tuesday at Cheer Up Charlie’s, Wednesday at G-Pen Annex and today will be their final show at the Cedar Street Courtyard.

Below is their music video for one of their hits, “Wild”


Royal Teeth

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