Artist Spotlight: Naomi Pilgrim

Swedish Songstress Entralled with a blend of Electro Pop and Silky R&B

The Barbadian / Swedish songstress left us all enthralled with her offerings no matter how meager. Missing Lauryn Hill circa 98? Well … you no longer have to. Naomi Pilgrim feeds her audience bountiful amounts of electro pop blended with silky, soulful R&B proving she’s potentially the next big thing.

Her self-titled debut EP (with only three tracks) draws listeners in full, her pipes oozing heartbreak and sparking nostalgia. Previously showcased tracks “No Gun” and “Money” expose an ultramodern R&B flow while her new track “Rainmakers” is warmly comparable to Lykke Li and Say Lou Lou’s work (in the best way possible of course).

What makes Pilgrim stand out from top competitors in her generation is not just her kaleidoscopic background but how she incorporates this into her work. Icy, mystical stylings, inspired by Sweden, infused with old school blues in her R&B musical approach, inspired by Barbados, bleed into all of her tracks creating a signature style for Pilgrim.

In the space of three tracks, Pilgrim experiments with various styles however manages to string everything together with her earthy-voice. Her vocal ranges do not reach ultimate peaks, but she didn’t have to venture through various octaves to prove her worth.

She began singing at the age of 14, constantly exposed to the art of music, partially because her father was a member of a reggae band. Ever since she decided to take her hobby seriously and mold it into a career, she had the opportunity to learn from Sweden’s best – as a back up vocalist for Lykke Li and Agnes Carlsson. Lykke Li, gives the artist a ton of recognition linking her fans to Pilgrim’s work and frequently speaking well of her.

Pilgrim describes her own work to be easy going, just taking life one day at a time, one step at a time. When asked about her own EP, according to the singer specifically commented, “I love it. That’s the only thing that I can say. I hope people will feel the same. That’s actually the only thing. Every song on the EP has its own vibe and speaks to me in very different ways.”

Although we only got one fresh song from her criminally short debut EP, the virtues delivered makes all else simply … not matter. The release is so intricately woven, the effects are long lasting, considering the exclusive and hip vibes that penetrate from Pilgrim.

What’s to come in the future? Pilgrim has Sonar Stockholm and by:Larm to welcome her and her band in later February and an appearance is booked at the SPOT Festival in May. The singer hopes to come to New York eventually, but until then, fans from the States have to continue to support the artist while she grows overseas.

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