Artist Spotlight: Andrea Strongwater

The Lost Synagogues of Europe

During the ninth annual diversity week at Montclair State University, Andrea Strongwater displayed her paintings which brought life to synagogues that were wiped from history during WWII. The Montclair community was receptive to her depiction of the Holocaust, in that it uncovered parts of the tragedy many people never heard about. In order to recreate these synagogues she researched communities and archives across Europe to appropriately paint each one. Ms. Strongwater’s paintings allude a timeless presence that evoke the importance of these lost buildings. Her 5 books titled, Where we once Gather Lost Synagogues of Europe, are home to 100 original paintings accompanied by a researched description of each synagogue. This is only the first part of her work, part two will consist of synagogues in Arab and North African countries where Jews were expelled after the war. Once completed, she hopes to visually tell the history of Jewish life in the middle of the 20th century.

Montclair State | New Jersey

Nilay Patel

Niay Patel is a Communications Major at Montclair State University.