American Horror Story: Worth the Hype?

American Horror Story: Freak Show premiered on October 8 on FX, but the hype about the freaky, scary and unusual show started long before it actually began.

American Horror Story is a show series created and produced by Ryan Murphy (Glee, Nip/Tuck) and Brad Falchuk. The show is an anthology series. Each season is created as a self-contained miniseries. It develops around a set of characters, settings and a storyline with each series having its own beginning, middle and end.

The theme of this season is about Elsa Mars’ (Jessica Lange) obsession with the obscure beauty hidden in the freak show world. The story takes place in 1952 in Jupiter, Florida. It follows a struggling freak show run by Mars. Elsa’s dream is to form a home with the “monsters,” as well as to gain fame for herself with her circus.

So how much is too much when it comes to promoting a show? For over a month before the premiere of Freak Show, teasers after teasers were released showing a glimpse of the freak show. The short videos always hinted about some twisted madness brewing at the center of the show.

Another way of advertisement from the show came in the form of short interviews. The interviews were from some of the actors of the show that have natural malformations of their bodies. Most, if not all of them were inspiring, with the experiences these individuals have gone through throughout their lives.

The audience has been bombarded with so much information regarding the series that sometimes is taking the element of surprise out of the equation. It was truly a transmedia project.

No matter how many posters and videos came out to promote the show, the simple promise of the “scariest clown of all time” was more than enough to make us watch, but now we ask ourselves… Was it enough?

The buildup has been very slow but steady and Jessica Lange has done it again reinventing herself as an actress by tackling an obsessive circus owner.

As the season continues, we’ll keep watching to see how the creators develop the narratives even further. The show is halfway through the season; therefore we should get an answer to whether or not it lived up to the hype.

At this point we only know one thing for sure about the series and that should be that it has been renewed for a fifth season in 2015 because apparently, it is good to be a freak. AHS: Freak Show premiered with record ratings according to reports.

American Horror Story: Freak Show airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on FX.

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