Allen B. DuMont Broadcaster of the Year

Joe Torres: Anchor and Reporter for WABC 7 Eyewitness News

On December 5th, Joe Torres, anchor and reporter for WABC 7 Eyewitness News visited the campus of Montclair State University. His first stop was to the DuMont Television Center where he was interviewed for a taping of Carpe’ Diem. From there, Torres made his way over to University Hall where Marc Rosenweig presented him with the Allen B. DuMont Broadcaster of the Year Award. Immediately after, he spoke to a room full of students and faculty for an installment of the Colloquium Series.

Torres explained the path he took to break into the industry and how he managed to make his dreams a reality. He went on to discuss a broad range of topics extending from his personal career to the pros and cons of this changing industry as a whole. Once the colloquium had concluded, the floor was open for any students or faculty to ask questions. Many took advantage of this opportunity, as hands were quickly raised one after another.

The day didn’t end there. Torres voluntarily stayed afterwards to personally speak with those who had further questions or just wanted to quickly introduce themselves. Torres told us how wonderful it was to be here, referring to Montclair as almost a second home. It was an afternoon filled with advice, wisdom and an incentive to get out into the world and work hard. Take a look at the video above to hear more of what Joe Torres had to say.

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Chelsea Hermann

Currently a Junior at Montclair State University majoring in Communications with a concentration in Television Production and minor in theater.