All Channels Open at SCM

SCM Faculty and Staff Share News For New Semester

Montclair State University‘s School of Communication & Media welcomed students to the start of a new semester and many updates within SCM with a meeting in Memorial Auditorium.

SCM Director, Merrill Brown, began the event describing some of the changes including the recent move to offices and facilities within Morehead Hall. Brown emphasized the benefits of a centralized locale and invited students to make use of the space as the learning community continues to grow. Dr. Christine Lemesianou, Assistant Director of SCM, spoke of new campus initiatives and practices including the study abroad program and The Inequality Project. By focusing on work around the central theme of inequality, SCM will advance research and create media addressing inequality across many projects this year.

After introductions from the program leaders, Brown closed the event by reminding students how other institutions often have separated programs for media. He encouraged everyone to make the most of SCM’s unified approach and to seek “collaborations”.

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Joseph Christensen

Joseph is working towards his MA in Public and Organizational Relations. You'll find him with a camera in hand as he works to share context and reach everyone within and beyond the SCM community.